AIX HMC Command
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blog : unix
created : 08/06/10 - 16:26:33

  • List frames connected on HMC :
# lssyscfg -r sys -F name state

  • List frame lpars with states :
# lssyscfg -r lpar -m <frame_name> -F name state

  • List profile running on an lpar :
# lssyscfg -r prof -m <frame_name> --filter "lpar_names=<lpar_name>"

  • List events happening on all frames :
# lssvcevents -t hardware --filter "status=Open" -F problem_num refcode status first_time last_time enclosure_mtms text

  • Shutdown immediatly an lpar :
# chsysstate -r lpar -m <frame_name> -o shutdown --immed -n <lpar_name>

  • Start in SMS immediatly an ldap :
# chsysstate -r lpar -m <frame_name> -r lpar -o on -n <lpar_name> -f <profile_name> -b sms

  • Start in Normal mode :
# chsysstate -m <frame_name> -r lpar -o on -n <lpar_name> -f <profile_name> -b normal

  • Restart immediatly an lpar :
# chsysstate -m <frame_name>  -o shutdown --immed --restart -n <lpar_name>

  • Open a vtem :
# mkvterm -m <frame_name> -p <lpar_name>

  • Delete a opened vterm :
# rmvterm -m <frame_name> -p <lpar_name>

  • List lpar mac adrress and perform ping test :
# lpar_netboot -M -n -t ent -D -s auto -d auto -S <nim_master_ip> -G <gateway_ip> -C <lpar_ip> <lpar_name> <lpar_profile> <frame_name>

  • Launch install :
# lpar_netboot -t ent -m <mac_address> -s auto -d auto -S <nim_master_ip> -G <gateway_ip> -C <lpar_ip> <lpar_name> <lpar_profile> <frame_name>

  • Rename an lpar :
# chsyscfg -r lpar -m <frame_name> -i "name=<old_name>,new_name=<new_name>"