AIX Update vios from to FP25SP01
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category : computer
blog : unix
created : 02/01/12 - 14:31:59

  • check vio server initial version
padmin@vios1# ioslevel SP-01

  • go on ibm fix central website to get latest vios release, our upgrade from require two steps :
    • upgrade from to FP25
    • upgrade from FP25 to FP25 SP01
  • Let's suppose we have an nfs exports fully working on a nim server exporting filesets for vios FP25 and FP25 SP01
root@nimserver# exportfs
/app/nim/lpp/VIO2211FP25                 -sec=sys:none,rw
/app/nim/lpp/VIO2213FP25SP01             -sec=sys:none,rw

  • step 1 : upgrading from vios to FP25 :
  • warning : if vio server is fully integrated on an IBM System Director, stop agent before upgrading.
padmin@vios# stopsvc DIRECTOR_agent
padmin@vios# mkdir -p /home/padmin/lpp
padmin@vios# mount nimserver:/app/nim/lpp/VIO2211FP25 /home/padmin/lpp
padmin@vios# updateios -f -dev /home/padmin/lpp/installp/ppc -install -accept

  • step 2: upgrading from vios FP25 to FP25 SP01
padmin@vios# stopsvc DIRECTOR_agent
padmin@vios# mount nimserver:/app/mim/lpp/VIO2213FP25SP01 /home/padmin/lpp
padmin@vios# updateios -f -dev /home/padmin/lpp/installp/ppc -install -accept
padmin@vios# ioslevel

  • create a golden image for vios FP25 SP01.
  • if futur vio server will be fully integrated on an IBM System Director, configure DIRECTOR_agent to start at boot time :
padmin@vios# startsvc DIRECTOR_Agent
padmin@vios# cfgsvc -attr RESTART_ON_REBOOT=TRUE DIRECTOR_agent
padmin@vios# lssvc DIRECTOR_agent
padmin@vios# mkdir -p /home/padmin/mksysb
padmin@vios# mount nimserver:/app/nim/mksysb/golden_vios2213 /home/padmin/mksysb
root@vios# /usr/ios/cli/ioscli backupios -file /home/padmin/mksysb/golden_vios2213_mksysb -mksysb

  • on nim server create a nim object for newly created mksysb golden image and check version is :
root@nimserver# nim -o define -t ios_mksysb -a server=master -a location="/app/nim/mksysb/golden_vios2213/golden_vios2213_mksysb" golden_mksysb_vios2213
root@nimserver# lsnim -l golden_mksysb_vios2213
   class         = resources
   type          = ios_mksysb
   Rstate        = ready for use
   prev_state    = unavailable for use
   location      = /app/nim/mksysb/golden_vios2213/golden_vios2213_mksysb
   version       = 6
   release       = 1
   mod           = 7
   oslevel_r     = 6100-00
   alloc_count   = 0
   server        = master
   creation_date = Tue Jan 31 15:54:16 2012
   ioslevel      =