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AIX VIO More than 20 VLANS on one single SEA
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VIO Servers profile modification
  • Add one more Virtual Ethernet Adapter on VIO Server profile. Check points below for this future adapter :

    • Needs to be 802.1 compatible adapter (on yellow on image below).
    • Has a minimum of one Additional VLAN IDs (on green on image below).
    • Has to have same priority than first Virtual Ethernet Adapter (if dual VIO Server, 1 for first VIO Server, and 2 for second). (on blue on image below).
    • Use a uniq PVID, not used by any vlan (throwaway PVID), and not used by first Virtual Ethernet Adapter (in our case 998, different than 999, PVID used by first Virtual Ethernet Adapter). (one red on image below)

  • Don't forget to add the new adapter with DLPAR, if you do not want to reboot VIO Server.
VIO Servers SEA modification
  • Add the fresh new Virtual Ethernet adapter on VIO Servers (boths if dual VIO Servers) :
$ cfgdev
$ chdev -dev ent7 -attr virt_adapters=ent5,ent9

Where :
    • ent7 : Shared Ethernet Adapter.
    • ent5 : Old Virtual Ethernet Adapter (802.1q).
    • ent9 : Fresh new Vritual Etherent Adapter (802.1q).
  • If you have dual VIO Servers dont forget to repeat this operation on each VIO Server, starting with VIO Server with highest priority (1).
  • If you want to change the PVID use for non-VLAN-tagged packets you can do it :
$ lsdev -dev ent7 -attr
attribute     value     description                                                        user_settable

accounting    disabled  Enable per-client accounting of network statistics                 True
ctl_chan      ent4      Control Channel adapter for SEA failover                           True
gvrp          no        Enable GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP)                      True
ha_mode       auto      High Availability Mode                                             True
jumbo_frames  no        Enable Gigabit Ethernet Jumbo Frames                               True
large_receive no        Enable receive TCP segment aggregation                             True
largesend     0         Enable Hardware Transmit TCP Resegmentation                        True
lldpsvc       no        Enable IEEE 802.1qbg services                                      True
netaddr       0         Address to ping                                                    True
pvid          999       PVID to use for the SEA device                                     True
pvid_adapter  ent5      Default virtual adapter to use for non-VLAN-tagged packets         True
qos_mode      disabled  N/A                                                                True
real_adapter  ent6      Physical adapter associated with the SEA                           True
thread        1         Thread mode enabled (1) or disabled (0)                            True
virt_adapters ent5,ent9 List of virtual adapters associated with the SEA (comma separated) True